3-part Webinar on Breast Thermography

Information about Breast Cancer is usually fear-driven. This often leads to confusion about how to properly manage breast health and does not empower women with knowledge on how to prevent breast cancer.For the past 20 years we have been educating women about breast health and disease prevention.  Based on our experience we have created a webinar series to teach women how to take control of their own health and create a personal program for breast cancer prevention.
Please join us for this Free 3-Part Webinar Series, where you will:

  • Dispel any fears,
  • Be empowered with facts, and
  • Learn important ways to improve your health.



Mar 18, 2019 8:00 PM
Mar 25, 2019 8:00 PM
Apr 1, 2019 8:00 PM
Time shows in Eastern Time (US and Canada)


Alexander Mostovoy DHMS, BCCT, is a writer, researcher, and public speaker, and recognized as a leading authority on breast health and cancer prevention. After practicing homeopathic medicine for over 20 years, he is now devoting his full time to medical thermography. He has lectured extensively across Canada, the United States, South America, and Europe, and has educated and trained physicians in breast cancer prevention and the use of medical thermography. He is the bestselling author of the book Breast Cancer Is A Preventable Disease and a co-creator of the 2016 – Breast Cancer Prevention Global Virtual Conference.








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Psychological Effect of Getting a False Positive Result from your Mammogram

Read Dr. Mercola’s article about why women who receive a false-positive diagnosis via mammography may be more likely to develop breast cancer years later, based on findings of a Danish study involving 58,000 women: Mammography False Alarms Linked with Later Tumor Risk

Once again, I appreciate that Dr. Mercola ends this articles,  like many of his others, with practical lifestyle tips on lowering breast cancer risk. Prevention: the best approach!

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TIME article suggesting 70% of mastectomies are not necessary

Why are women being subjected to mastectomies if, as this TIME article claims, the treatment neither lowers their risk of cancer recurrence, nor increases their chances of survival? Read this article for some answers: 70% of Mastectomies Aren’t Necessary. Here’s Why Women Have Them Anyway

The article concludes with Dr. Isabelle Bedrosian of the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, “It’s important to make sure that our patients are making informed choices and not simply fear-driven choices.”

Consider now the information thermography provides to making the best choices for your breast health.

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Fox News Sunday Morning Show: Are mammograms helpul or hurtful?

This 7 minute video aired on A Healthy You on Fox News this past July. In it, two medical doctors give their advice on each side of this issue, where thermography, as well as other modalities are mentioned. Watch the video here: Are mammograms helpul or hurtful? and draw your own conclusions.

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Canadian Study of 90,000 Women Over 25 Years

And you still find sites claiming that mammography is the gold standard when it comes to saving lives through early detection…

A follow-up study, conducted in Canada involved 90,000 participants over a span of 25 years. Results support those found in the 2011 Cochrane Review. This study also supports the recommendations set forth by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force that women don’t start screening until age 50 (not 40) and cut back on the frequency of screening.

This report has been discussed on NPR, written up in TIME Magazine on February 24, 2014, and is being discussed on many sites, including a well-written overview by Sayer Ji in www.greenmedinfo.com.

Dr. Alexander Mostovoy also has some words about this latest study: “Mammography has been the most controversial test for the past 40 years and for good reasons. It leads to over diagnosis and over treatment. 1.3 million have been wrongly diagnosed with breast cancer in the last 2 decades. Year after year we have these studies coming up with the same conclusion that screening mammography does more harm than good. Yet nothing is being done about it, we are still inundated with cancer industry propaganda that mammography saves lives and the importance of annual screening. How many lives are we going put at risk and what is it going to take for women to wake up and take control of their own health?”

Read the 10-page report in the British Medical Journal for yourself: bmj 25 year follow-up study.

Then ask yourself why the American Cancer Society continues to insist on annual mammograms from age 40.


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7 Worst Ingredients in Food

This post comes to me via Dr. Mercola’s site. I’m thinking of healthy changes I can commit to in the coming year. Small steps going in the right direction. This list seems a good place to start. I already know all seven of these food ingredients, if you can call them that, are detrimental to my health. I like one person’s suggestion: she printed the list and carries it in her wallet. Read Andrea Donsky’s article, 7 Scary Food Additives to Avoid, and then check out the rest of her well-researched and informative website: www.naturallysavvy.com

On a different note, I’ve met some amazing women through my clinic this year. I’m so grateful our paths have crossed. Wishing you all a happy and healthy year ahead!

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Dr. Mostovoy on breast cancer, thermography, and prevention

On November 12, about 340 listeners from around the world listened to Dr. Alexander Mostovoy (HD, DHMS, BCCT) speak about breast cancer and prevention, including thermography as tool to monitoring breast health. Dr. Mostovoy is the leading thermographer in Canada and owns Thermography Clinic, Inc. Listen to his presentation here:  Breast Health & Cancer Prevention. The presentation is 60 minutes and follow-up Q& A is 30 minutes. I guarantee you – it’s time well spent!

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Examining the value of screening mammography

Recent studies, some referenced in this blog, raise concern that mammograms result in overdiagnosis and overtreatment of lumps that may never have become a problem. In this YouTube video, Dr. Gilbert Welch explains what some of the controversy raised a recent paper on screening mammography that was published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Watch his video here: Screening Mammograms: What’s the Debate?

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Antioxidant supplement overload can be ‘hazardous’

I usually look at news headlines to see what’s new. Today Canada’s CBC published an article about the dangers of taking too much antioxidant supplement… wait a minute, you mean you can take too much?

I thought you couldn’t have too much of a good thing, so I’m sharing the article here: Antioxidant supplement overload can be ‘hazardous’

The byline says it all: Fruits and vegetables the best way to get free radical-fighting antioxidants, experts say. Eating healthy is always the best way, but read the viewer comments about this article as well as the article itself for a diversity of opinions. Food for thought.

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Dr. Mercola’s article discusses narrowing the definition of “cancer”

Actually, I remember from several years ago a conversation I had with Dr. Mostovoy, who said that the term “cancer” should not include tumours that do not metastasize and, therefore, do not threaten life. How interesting to read that he is not the only doctor thinking along these lines. Read Dr. Mercola’s post: The Definition of “Cancer” May Be Narrowed to Prevent Overtreatment of Harmless Tumors

The basic idea is that not all breast masses need to be poked, prodded, squeezed, or further diagnosed, but rather monitored over time for change. The article notes that the cancer industry seems to ignore some root causes of cancer, specifically our environmental and lifestyle choices. In other words, breast cancer is a man-made disease that is preventable.

Don’t know much about what to do to lower your risk of developing cancer? Well, read on – the article concludes with steps you can undertake starting from today!  Already have breast cancer? Dr. Mercola points you to where you can learn more about starving cancer cells of their fuel source.

My advice: Schedule a breast thermography appointment! Why? To learn more about your breasts so that you can use that information to track your breast health.

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