Mammography exposes you to cancer: Try thermography. It’s safer

Here’s a useful posting out of Australia that describes several issues I’m often asked about. It touches on how thermography differs from mammography. It references several studies, including a 1992 Canadian study that showed an increase in breast cancer mortality in women aged 40-50, who had annual mammograms, suggesting that the compression involved may spread the diseased cells or cause cancerous tumors. It also discusses overly invasive surgeries and procedures on masses that are best monitored over time, the use of ultrasound as a less invasive screening tool, and describes a blood test, Anti-Malignan Antibody Screen (AMAS), you may want to discuss with your doctor. You’ll find links to other information, as well as a short YouTube video that poses an interesting question … check it out here: Mammography exposes you to cancer: try thermography – it’s safer

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